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Release Date
12th July, 2019
2h 30min

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Screening Color
Latana full movie, published by Yorubahood

More About The Movie

Latana is a romantic drama Yoruba movie, published online by Yorubahood channel on the 12th of July, 2019.

This Yoruba Nollywood movie tells the story of Latana's life journey to greener pasture. Latana was advised by her friend to relocate to Lagos from Kano with an assurance of getting a good job in no-time. On her arrival in the city of Gold, the assurance turns out to be false.

She had to live-off her friend, she later learned that her dear friend was a prostitute. The friend persuaded her to join in the practice to get on with life, she outrightly rejected the persuasion and took to menial jobs to survive.

In the endless search for a job opportunity, she got a breakthrough as a sales agent to an Estate Management firm. While on the job, she met an old acquaintance that later turned lover.

Things started looking bright for Latana, but all these came with other complexities.